Cutting your own hair is one of the best money saving hacks you can do! You are supposed to cut your hair ends every 6 weeks to have healthy hair, but who in the world can afford to run to a hair salon that often? Cutting your hair at a hair salon can become very costly and it is a huge asset, if you know how to do it on your own! It can potentially save thousands of dollars!

Here’s the easiest and fastest way to cut your own hair and the best tools to use for it! Note: this hair cutting technique is best for a layered hair style.



Wash your hair and towel dry it. Your hair needs to be damp. Do not hesitate to spray your hair with a water bottle, when your hair gets dry again in the process! Remember, it is so much easier to cut your hair when it’s damp than when it’s dry!

1. Detangle and brush your hair with a wet brush.
2. Then tip your head upside down and put it into a very tight ponytail at the very top of your head. The pony tail has to be really, really tight to get the best results!
3. Decide how much you want to cut off and make your first straight cut. TIP: Make small cuts, you can always cut more if you need. I usually stick to cutting off the tips of my hair. Remember, you’re supposed to cut every 6 weeks!
4. Once you cut your desired lengths, cut INTO the blunt ends, which will give your hair style a softer appearance. You can stop once you don’t see any more hard edges
5. Take off your hair band and dry your hair with a round brush!
6. You should be looking all gorgeous and glamorous with your new hairstyle! So yes, it’s that easy! Try it out and let me know how it worked out for you! And remember: Don’t go for any drastic changes for your first hair cut! You will get better and better with time! For now, stick to tiny cuts:-)


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