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So a lot of you have been asking me how to start a clothing line! Well, I started my clothing, accessories, and now cosmetics line Julia Jolie Beverly Hills on my own and on a very low budget, so I will tell you how to start – Step by Step! I know, that a lot of you are aspiring Entrepreneurs, so I hope I can help you!

How To Start Your Own Clothing Line on a Low Budget!

1st Step:

The first thing that you need to do is to apply for a Seller’s Permit with the Board of Equalization! You NEED to have a Seller’s Permit, if you want to buy clothing wholesale and resell it in your own store! All the wholesalers ask for these licenses, when you make an order, so there’s no getting around it!

P.S.: One of my favorite wholesalers online, is LASHOWROOM


If you do decide, that you want to do your own design, or if you’re looking to sell your own cosmetics, creams, etc… then you need to find a manufacturer! A great website for this is Alibaba

When you start looking on Alibaba, you can inquire a bunch of different manufacturers and get different price quotes! Always look for a low MOQ, which basically means minimum order per design, because you don’t want to invest a fortune in a new Business and get stuck with too much product that you can’t sell! Another TIP: Order a Sample first to make sure that the quality of the product is up to your standard! And: Always check the reviews and website of the manufacturer! Research is King!!!

2nd Step:

Now that you have your product, you only need a website! I would recommend Shopify

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms, because they have the best service and very competitive prices!

If you need help with setting up your new store on Shopify (I know I certainly did) , then I can recommend a very cool website, where you can find programmers to help you with that for a very cheap price! This website is called FIVERR


3rd Step:

After your site is up, you just need to take pictures and market the hell out of your website!

If you need help editing your pics, you can find somebody on Fiverr for that as well! Or, if you want to edit it yourself, there are really cool Apps like Facetune, Afterlight and VSCO that will make your pictures look amazing!

As for advertising, I would always advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! They have the best rate of return in my opinion!

So you can see, that it is really easy to start your own clothing line so, if this is your dream, take action and go do it! Remember, you should always follow your dreams!!

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