Hi beautiful people!

Today I wanted to share my Review on the Best Vegan Milk with you guys!

You all know that I am only a part-time vegan, but I am totally OBSESSED with Vegan Milk!

I do not drink real milk, because of all the bad things you read about cow milk, and I believe, that vegan Milk has many Health and Beauty Benefits!

So today, I will share my FAVORITE, organic, vegan milk that are amazing for your Health and Beauty!

In my opinion, they are the best ones that you can buy in a Grocery Store or Amazon! So check them out:

The Best Vegan Milk

Malibu Mylk Flax Milk:

I love this one, because I get my Flaxseed intake right with my morning Latte!

Flax milk has 3g of Fiber, only 50 calories,  more than 1800 mg of Omega 3s , no cholesterol and has shown to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes!

Also, it is a more sustainable alternative to Almond Milk, because a single almond requires over a gallon of water! So Flaxmilk helps safe the world!

Oh, and it tastes very yummy! Creamy and nutty! Yum! 

Unfortunately, Malibu Mylk is not available on Amazon, so I buy it from Bristol Farms! If you can’t find it in your grocery store, try this Flax Milk! Its as good as Malibu Mylk!



Ripple Pea Milk:

This one is made from Ulra Clean Pea Protein, so it has 8g of Protein, which is  similar as regular Milk, it also has 50 % more Calcium than Milk!

I honestly don’t taste the difference between Pea Milk and Almond Milk but I can say it has a smooth, rich and creamy texture! 



Malk Almond  Milk:

This one is the Queen of all Almond Milks!

It has no fillers, no binders and no Gums! It’s the cleanest of all Almond Milks and is the closest to homemade Almond Milks you can get in stores!

It tastes amazing and you have to try it!



The Califa Farms Cashew Milk

It  is made out of Cashews and Macademia Nuts!

Almond and Cashew Milk have very similar nutrition stats, so it comes down to your taste preference!

This particular Cashew Milk is the cleanest you can get and is made with very little ingredients. It is  stabilizer and Gum free!

It tastes a little more nuttier than Almond Milk and you will honestly LOVE this taste! 

This Cashew Milk I couldn’t find on Amazon as well, so I bought it at Erewhon Health Store! If you can’t find it in your grocery store, check out this Cashew Milk, it is amazing as well! 

BUY Cashew Milk on Amazon


 The Oat Milk from Pacific Foods:

Oat Milk is said to be a great choice for people with Allergies and Intolerances!

This Milk is also perfect for people who don’t like the taste of Almond or Cashew Milk!

Oat Milk tastes AMAZING and sweet, but it has 17 g of Sugar!

So don’t drink too much of it! I love to add it to my Coffe! Its delicious! 



I honestly have to say, I am obsessed with the Malk Almond Milk and it’s s my every day go to!

I also drink my Flax Milk when I’m on a Diet (and at least twice a week, because of all the fiber) and Oat Milk when I have a sweet tooth in the morning!

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you next week!!






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