Hi beautiful people!

Today I wanted to share with you the hottest organic skincare tips and products from Los Angeles! As you might know, we people in LA are OBSESSED with organic skincare! Why? Because it’s obviously healthier and safer for our skin AND it is known, that it gets better results than most chemical stuff!

So, here are the Step by Step Instructions, in case you don’t have time to see the video or don’t understand my accent! 😂

First, I clean my Face with the Prada Lab Energized Volcanic Ash Hydrating Facial Cleanser! It has Volcanic Ash, which was Cleopatra’s favorite Skincare Item, Dates, Honey, and it adds a special Twist, because it contains a MAGNET inside…! Magnets are great, because they open up the way for all the good stuff in your skincare product to get into your cells! They also heal, reduce pain and help with the flow of oxygen in the blood stream! So a Must- Have!

Then, I am ready to take a Bath… with Spicy Ginger Root! And Green Clay! The product is called Pursoma Hot Tub Bath and I love it! It is vegan, eliminates toxins and stimulates your circulation! So especially great, if you’re fighting a cold or flu! Soak in it for 20 Minutes and you will feel so much better!

While I take my Bath, I add an organic sheet mask with Vitamin C from Orgaid! 

Vitamin C is something your skin CANNOT live without! It improves your skin’s natural healing response, gives your skin antioxidant to keep it firm and youthful, and reduces the appearance of brown spots and sun damage! Leave it on for 20 Minutes!

After I finish my Bath, I apply Honey Girl Organics Night Cream, which is a TRENDING night cream in the organic world right now! It is deeply moisturizing, protects and repairs your skin on a cellular level and helps balance your skin tone!

Here are the Links to all the products one more time:

Organic Prada Lab Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser: 


Pursoma Hot Tub Bath: 


Orgaid Vitamin C Organic Sheet Mask: 


Honey Girl Organics Night Cream: 


Let me know how you like the products and if there are any other ones that are AMAZING!!




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