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Today I wanted to show you my Fashion Hacks on how to instantly look 5 lbs skinnier! So all these Fashion Tips are simple and easy, yet everybody seems to forget about them for some reason! So I wanted to give you ladies a visual, so that you can see how big of a difference they actually make! So you never forget about them again!

Just a little side note: EVERYBODY is beautiful, no matter what type of body or how many pounds! These Fashion Hacks are simply tricks to show off the Best version of yourself! Let me know what type of body figure you have and I will try to give you even more tips and tricks!

How to instantly look 5 Pounds skinnier:

Wear a Monochrome Outfit:

Most of you probably know about this one! But I still wanted to give you a visual picture to remind you what a difference it actually really makes! Another Tip: Don’t forget your high heels! They elongate your body and give you a supermodel figure!

Say no to short Bodycon dresses!

They show off EVERY extra pound that you have on your body! Especially if you have an Apple Figure like me, STAY AWAY from it!! Go for A- Line or Fit and Flare Dresses instead! They create a illusion of an hourglass shape, which is most flattering for most of us ladies!

If you do decide to go for the sexy Bodycon look, add a gorgeous Kimono in a color that “pops”!

This will hide any extra pounds. Also: A Kimono always adds some class to a sexy look! So you will look sexy, but in a classy and elegant way!

Add a Belt!

Always! A Dress with no shape will always make you appear bigger! So add a belt, which creates an hourglass shape as well! You will look sooo much better, trust me!

Say no to loose clothes!

I know, comfy clothes are great! But loose clothes ALWAYS make you look heavier! If you like the comfy look, go for a Yoga Outfit instead! It will make you look trendy and skinny!

Let me know of any other fashion hacks that you guys follow!


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