Hi beautiful people!

Today I wanted to tell you a little Beverly Hills Beauty Secret: WATER! Ok… not any kind of water, but special water that EVERY celebrity is drinking right now!

So, I wanted to test those waters and see which ones are worth buying and which are not!

The BLK Water


Yes, it is actually black water! But don’t let the color scare you! This stuff is black for a reason! It contains fulvic trace minerals! These minerals supposed to improve energy levels, help with nutrient absorption, and they supposed to even block allergy symptoms! Surprisingly, it tastes like regular water… not like charcoal or stones or something… I must say, I am intrigued!


To check out this water CLICK HERE



HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water


This hydrogen infused water improves recovery after a workout, lowers inflammation, so especially important to drink it after a night out…or if you feel bloated! And, it supposed to slow down the aging process!!! So it sounds to me like it is liquid botox!


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Kopu Sustainable Water


Did you know that plastic bottles are rumored to contain many toxins and minerals? This is why I love Kopu Luxury Water, which is a sustainable, sparkling water from New Zealand! It is served in a gorgeous aluminum bottle! Very YUMMY!!


To check out this water CLICK HERE


Penta Ultra Purified Water


The Penta Water is purified in 13 Steps! For 11 hours! This Water is purified down to its basic form: two parts oxygen and one part hydrogen! So it is additive, arsenic, pharmaceutical, fluoride, mtbe, and chlorine free! And here is why you should care about it: Pure Water can have a REJUVENATING effect, reduce joint pain and it is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer by up to 80%!! Your body’s disease fighting capabilities are enhanced when cells are well hydrated!


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Generosity Alkaline Water


Generosity is an Alkaline Water which has a PH Level of 10! What is Alkaline Water you ask? It is Water that is less acidic, which means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, and magnesium! And why is it important? Well, because our typical American diet contributes to poor health outcomes such as heart disease, altered hormonal status, and the loss of muscle and bone. And Alkaline is believed to neutralize acid in your blood stream and help you metabolize nutrients more efficiently! Is I believe, this water is a Must-Have!


To check out this water CLICK HERE




Ok guys, so I personally LOVED this three waters:

Im choosing Penta Water as my Beauty Water for all the incredible beauty effects!

I am choosing HFactor as my Work Out Water, because I feel like  it does indeed give me more energy and strengths!

And Generosity as my Health Water because of all the Health Effects!!



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