Hi beautiful people,

well, it’s Spring Break!! And my daughter has been off Pre-School and home with me for two weeks already!  We have been bored and decided last minute to go for a quick trip to Palm Desert!

So rather than not shooting any videos this week, I decided to bring you guys with me on this Trip and vlog the fun time that we had!

Also, I did something very exciting this week: I collaborated with Much Love Animal Rescue to help them get their cute dogs adopted that really need a warm, loving home! We did a segment together and the Adoptable Dogs modeled matching Outfits with their Handlers the Beverly Hills way! Check out the segment HERE and maybe you like one of the dogs? Oh, and if you like the Pets Outfits, check out the Blog Post with all the links to the Outfits HERE


So without further due, here are by the way my TOP Travel Tips for a weekend getaway with your Toddler and Mom-in-Law:

  1. First of all: BREATH, If you and Grandma have different opinions on how to raise your child! Grandmothers have a lot of experience and usually have a good intuition on what’s good for kids! BUT, you are the mom and get the last word! 😉
  2. If you have a big family and friends with you on the Trip, try to get CONNECTING ROOMS! That way you’re all close by!
  3. If you can, bring a friend for your Toddler! That way, the kids will be busy and entertain themselves!
  4. The best babysitter in the universe is Grandma! So it is a blessing if you can bring her! Blackmail her with a free massage perhaps! Another “on a Budget” Tip is to get a room with an adjacent living room. That way, grandma can sleep in the living room and you don’t have to spend extra money!
  5. Try to get some Me-Time! If you can go to the Spa, or play some tennis or golf, do it! Its also a vacation for you!


If you want to see an older VLOG from us traveling to Europe when Anastasia was still a baby, check out this VIDEO HERE

Also, if you heard me talking in the video about hydro facials: You HAVE TO try them out!! They are amazing!!


Till next week,




Julia Jolie


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  • This is Grandma commenting on our 5-star fabulous trip to Palm Desert aka La Quinta..
    I had so much fun relaxing with my wonderful family, especially playing in the pool with my precious Anastasia and her buddy Santana, scootering around the hotel grounds!! can’t wait to return to the peaceful desert again👏💖🤩